Web Trimming

Paper manufacturers rely on web trimming technology from Spraying Systems Co. Our trimming nozzles produce powerful, needle-like solid streams for trimming, cutting and slitting all grades of paper.

UltraStream®  Trimming Nozzles

UltraStream Nozzles

Precise, even trimming of a wide variety of paper grades at operating pressures up to 1000 psi (70 bar) and flow rates from .02 to 2.3 gpm (.08 to 8.7 lpm).

  • Needle-like solid stream nozzles are designed for edge trimming, cutting and slitting operations and can be placed further away from target to reduce buildup
  • Single orifice versions
    • Suitable for use with most paper grades
    • Available with a strainer to minimize clogging -- especially helpful when using recirculated water
    • Feature ruby, 316 stainless steel or high-alumina ceramic orifices
  • Dual orifice versions

    • Provide twin parallel solid stream sprays for precise edge trimming on fine and specialty papers

    • Eliminate the need for using two nozzles in tandem, reducing backsplash and simplifying spray alignment

    • Feature ruby orifices for long-lasting durability

  • Swivel nozzles and swivel adapters enable easy alignment of dual orifice nozzles and correct positioning of a drip shield to the outside of the paper web

  • Nozzles with a shrouded orifice are available for protection, ease of alignment and help in guiding buildup away from the moving web

UltraStream Nozzle Accessories

Trimming Accessories

  • Swivel adapters allow beveled edge or dual nozzles to be correctly aligned.
  • Air barrier adapter uses compressed air to keep nozzle free of debris.
Alignment Devices for UltraStream Nozzles

Alignment Devices

  • Customizable unit features single, double or triple pipes to fit your trimming setup.
  • Design allows for quick and easy adjustment to the exact trim position without the use of tools.
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