Sugar mill applications

Juice Filter Cleaning

The cleaning of juice filters in sugar mills can be a constant battle to keep clear and working as intended. The brush header comes as an ideal and definitive solution to make this process quick and easy. 

The juice is pumped from the mills into the juice filter and the liquid and smaller solids pass through the slots in the screen and the larger solids travel down to the discharge end. However, some solids remain stuck in the screen occupying the area that was supposed to do the filtration of the juice. As a consequence, the juice filter efficiency drops and the contamination increases due to the sugar degradation. In order to clean the screen properly, brush headers are required to provide a regular and proper cleaning.

Issues present without brush headers:

  • Low efficiency of the filtration
  • The residues cause micro bacterial contamination
  • High consumption of water and chemicals to combat the infection
  • Loss of throughput due to the lack of efficiency
  • Sugar loss due to the contamination

Component and features of the brush header bar system

The Brush header bar has an internal rotating brush assembly that scrubs the interior wall of the bar as well as each disc-type shower nozzle orifice to prevent clogging and help ensure long nozzle wear life. In just a few seconds, debris is swept away through the flush-out valve, restoring full liquid flow to the system without contaminating the sprayed surface. And, there’s no need to stop the system. The brushes operate without disruption to normal processes.

Benefits of using bush headers:

  • Sugar recovery
  • Reduction of the water consumption, the solution uses medium pressure and low volume of water (sustainable)
  • Improve sugar quality by removing all bagasse
  • Safe mechanism to prevent an accident from contacting with the driving shaft.
  • Suitable for different filter widths.
  • Very low maintenance cost because of the simple design and operation
  • Flexible installation, it can be mounted in different positions.
  • Adjustable flow rate and spray pattern
  • Labour cost reduction
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