Mining applications


Clean and wash launder trays with custom spraying solutions from the experts at Spraying Systems Co. Improve the efficiency and efficacy of your spraying to save you time and money.   

Inadequate washing of launder trays can lead to expensive cleanups and obstructions to conveyor belts, which can potentially result in belt fires or unwanted production stoppages. By utilising the right spraying technology however your business can ensure that waste is cleaned off launder trays effectively, which allows your site to continue production uninterrupted.

When the wrong nozzle type is used for launder tray cleaning not only does it ineffectively wash away ore spillage, it also uses excessive amounts of water unnecessarily. Spraying Systems understands launder washing needs to be quick and effective, that’s why we evaluate and provide recommendations to ensure when water flows the ore will flow to the ground level sump. UItilising VeeJet, FlatJet or FloodJet nozzles, Spraying Systems can design a spray system that meets cleaning requirements whilst keeping water consumption low and meeting environmental standards. Spraying Systems can also provide advanced technology such as self-cleaning strainers, self-cleaning spray bars and monitoring valving to determine the status of the nozzle.


  • Effective cleaning of launder trays
  • Easy maintenance resulting in less down time
  • Water saving- quicker clean time while optimising to use less water 
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