Meat Processing and Abattoirs

Evisceration Tables

Reduce water use by up to 40% with the Evisceration Table Cleaning System from Spraying Systems Co.


The traditional practice of washing and sanitising evisceration tables in abattoirs consists of using spray bars mounted above the conveyor belt before a new carcass is loaded onto the tables. Typically, the spray bars have anywhere from 10-12 spray nozzles attached. This process uses large amounts of water which can create problems such as overspray and high maintenance costs.

The Evisceration Table Cleaning System from Spraying Systems Co. offers a different approach. Our system uses hot water sprayed through 3 YNRAJ rotating arms that cover the width of the belt. Our VeeJet® Spray Nozzles that are attached to the arms each operate with a lower flow per nozzle, thus using less water.


  • System achieves a more efficient clean compared to conventional solutions currently available in the market
  • Reduction in water usage by up to 40%
  • Savings on power
  • Less maintenance required

Food Safety

Spray technology is a proven, cost-effective approach to pathogen protection and extending shelf life of meat and poultry products. Processors use our systems for precise application of antimicrobial agents onto products and into packaging.

Product Spotlight

Hatchery spray application

AutoJet® system saves meat processor $300,000 annually. 


Plant clean-up has to be efficient without compromising quality. That’s why many meat and poultry processors rely on our spray technology to shorten plant cleaning time, sanitize hard-to-reach areas and reduce the use of water and costly chemicals.

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VeeJet spray nozzles

Ensure safety, shelf life and optimize cleaning

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