Meat Processing and abattoirs


Spray technology can help automate the cleaning and chilling of meat carcasses in abattoirs, ensuring the weight retention and reducing cleaning times for carcasses and for cool rooms. 

The standard process of chilling animal carcasses is to circulate cold, dry air over the hot carcasses. This draws moisture out of the surface which is then lost to evaporation. Over time, this results in shrinkage and weight loss. The fat covering of the carcass will influence the amount of total weight loss.

Results will vary between 
chillers, however typical carcass weight loss is about 1.5% to 3.5%.

Spraying Systems Co.® offers an exceptional carcass chilling solution to meat processors across the world.

The AutoJet® Carcass Chilling Spray System uses sprays of chilled water to offset the evaporative loss of carcass chilling. The system will typically reduce the total weight loss to about 0.5% or less.


  • Higher percentage of body weight retained
  • Savings on energy and refrigeration expenses due to reduced heat load

  • Chiller room floor cleaning time can be reduced down to 10 minutes as the water on the floor stops blood from drying

  • Boning room workers have indicated their preference for processing spray chilled carcasses


  • The programmable controller manages the spray duration and the intervals between sprays

  • The system is able to control and monitor water pressure and water temperature
  • Water use for each spray operation is monitored to avoid excessive waste
  • The system can be accessed remotely by an AutoJet® engineer for back up assistance
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