Bakery Applications


The AutoJet Mould Inhibitor Spray Systems provide effective, efficient application of Natamax B on baked goods with minimal waste for bakeries looking to improve the shelf life of their products.    

Research lab tests and commercial trials conducted by scientists at Danisco, a world leader in food ingredients and enzymes, determined that the AutoJet Mould Inhibitor Automated Spray System provided the best application performance of Natamax® B. The AutoJet mould-inhibitor spray system consistently applies the proper volume of Natamax® B while providing complete coverage with minimal waste. 



  • Improved product quality and reduced product loss
  • AutoJet Spray Controller with built-in application software provides accurate, intermittent spraying and closed-loop pressure control
  • Precision Spray Control (PSC) ensures precise application of Natamax® B even if line speed varies 
  • Hydraulic PulsaJet® automatic spray nozzles provide accurate delivery without misting or plugging
  • SprayCheck® sensors verify and document each spray cycle
  • Optional NEMA 4X control panel is wash down capable
  • System automatically refills delivery tank when necessary and maintains proper mould-inhibitor spray concentration 
  • Continuous circulation throughout the system ensures the Natamax® B solution remains in suspension 
  • Flexible operation – various recipes can be pre-programmed for quick product changeover
  • Unattended operation – alarms notify workers if intervention is required
  • Optional conveyor provides proper separation of product for accurate spray (required for lines that cannot meet spacing and alignment requirements) 

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