AutoJet® Model 1550+ Spray Controller

AutoJet® Model 1550+ Spray Controller

Optimize automatic spray nozzle performance with the AutoJet Model 1550+ Spray Control Panel or the turnkey AutoJet Model 1550+ Modular Spray System.

The AutoJet Model 1550+ Spray Controller has been replaced by the
AutoJet Model 1750+ Spray Control Panel

Precise Control of Automatic Nozzles

The self-contained AutoJet Model 1550+ Modular Spray System includes everything you need to operate your automatic spray nozzles with basic control. Ready to go right out of the box, the system is ideal for use in R&D and pilot runs, yet durable enough for full-scale production in coating, lubricating, marking and conveyor operations. It allows for: 

AutoJet 1550+ Controller
  • Complete automated spray control to ensure precise, accurate placement with minimal waste.
  • Automatic air and liquid control to enable proper flow and drop size while eliminating uneven application of the spray solution.
  • Precision Spray Control when used with electrically-actuated PulsaJet® and AA250AUH nozzles.
  • Several levels of control: liquid pressure only; liquid pressure and atomizing air pressure; or liquid pressure, atomizing air pressure and fan air pressure.
  • Versatile operation of both electrically and pneumatically actuated nozzles.
  • Fast, easy setup.

System offerings vary by region. Contact your local sales office for options.

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