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Case Study

Bun glazing system secures Switzerland’s leading industrial bakery Fortisa market position

Spraying dough on buns


Aug 19

Fortisa is Switzerland’s leading industrial bakery for the convenience food market. To secure their position and to maintain their high customer satisfaction rate, they were looking for a higher quality bun glazing system.

Additionally, they were also looking for a new approach to improve the efficiency of their cleaning process and make it more sustainable.

AutoJet Bun glazing system

Close cooperation with our local spray expert led to the decission of Fortisa to install an AutoJet® Bun glazing spray system. This solution is equipped with high quality PulsaJet® nozzles that can open and close up to 15000 times a minute. The ability to open and close the nozzle – without affecting angle or pressure – gives full control over the spraying application. This limits the consumption of egg wash to a minimum and avoids typical problems associated with overapplication.

Because of food safety reasons the AutoJet® Bun Glazing system is also equipped with a fully automated CIP solution for an efficient cleaning process.


The system was installed with 0 minutes of downtime. Fortisa was happy to notice an immediate improvement to the egg wash spraying process. The time and cost savings thanks to the CIP also make the process more streamlined. Most importantly, the quality of the glazing improved and the egg wash consumption dropped by 55% – a major costsaver.

All together the system delivered on what was promised, resulting in another satisfied customer.