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Case Study

New automated lubrication system helps decrease oil consumption of metal fabrication process by 50%

Automated lubrication system for metal fabrication


Jul 19

A multinational storage solution company produces metallic shelving systems for a wide variety of industries. Producing high-quality shelves is a top priority so the steel is stamped in-house according to very specific requirements. To lubricate the sheet prior to stamping it was being coated with an air atomizing spot nozzle. This resulted in oil wastage, a dirty environment, bad overall distribution and thus quality issues. Clearly they needed an automated lubrication system.

The company’s goal was to update their lubrication solution to an automated system that could apply a consistent, evenly distributed, thin layer of lubricant on the steel as it passes through different stages of forming. The system also had to be capable of adapting the application rate to the line speed to prevent waste.

The AutoJet L210 Automated lubrication system

Our spray expert realized that the AutoJet® L210 Automated Lubrication System would resolve the client’s lubrication and wastage problems. This system provides a highly efficient automated method of applying lubricants evenly and thoroughly, all based on the line speed.

After running the tests and checking the end quality the customer recognized the potential and decided to order 3 AutoJet® L210 Lubrication Systems.


The customer was happy with the end result. The new system automatically, and accurately, applies the lubricant based on the line speed. This has resulted in a 10% speed increase and thus 10% higher productivity. Most importantly though, because there is no more waste, the oil consumption has been reduced by 50%. This saves the equivalent of 80 work hours per week and also has a major impact on the company’s sustainability goals.