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Case Study

OEM specialist OKA Spezialmaschinenfabrik develops integrated flatbread spraying machine with the support of Spraying Systems


Jul 19

OKA Spezialmaschinenfabrik builds and designs machines for a variety of industries in companies all around the world. Its products are synonymous with reliable, robust high tech equipment that’s “Made in Germany”. OKA was contacted by a customer active in the baking industry to develop a flatbread spraying machine that could spray either a water-based liquid or a syrup on top of their flatbread. The spray had to be delivered evenly across the entire width of the bread in accordance with a tight set of specifications.

Previously, the bakery customer worked with one traversing spray head. But the results of that system were no longer acceptable because of stripes that were being formed on the dough. The objectives of the project were thus to get rid of the striping problem and to create a flatbread spraying system that could be integrated completely into the controller of the plant

Flatbread spraying machine

Our local expert was contacted to deliver the specialist insights and parts that OKA needed to finish the project. As an experienced OEM they knew exactly what they were looking for to deliver their custom solution to the customer. For this project they mainly required PulsaJet® nozzles and the pumps and pressure regulators to feed the nozzles. They also needed an in-line heater to keep the syrup at a sprayable temperature.

To ensure the effectiveness of the PulsaJet, our local expert also organized an on-site demo to present its capabilities


The OEM company, OKA Spezialmaschinenfabrik, successfully delivered the flatbread spraying machine they had developed to their bakery customer. It completely solved prior concerns of the customer by eliminating striping and significantly increasing the quality of the flatbread. As an added bonus the spray can now be delivered much more accurately which leads to significant savings and a more sustainable production process.