Mining applications


Spray Technology is essential for efficient control of airborne dust blown off of rail cars during transit from the mine to the port. The experts at Spraying Systems Co. can help mine sites to create a turnkey solution that will control the dust from their rail cars.

Dust blowing off loaded rail cars in transit from the mine to the port causes three major problems that are extremely dangerous, costly and require expert attention.

Airborne ore or coal dust can: 

  • Be a danger to health and is a major cause of lung disease.
  • Destabilize rail ballasts, damaging rail line infrastructure that can lead to a derailment.
  • Cause a costly loss of up to 2% of an ore or coal load between the mine and the port

Typical Product Solutions:

Spraying Systems Co. AutoJet® Technologies division can provide an effective and efficient turnkey solution with the following benefits: 

  • Economical application of dust suppressing water or surfactants
  • Achieves a reduction in loss of ore or coal in transit
  • Assists in maintaining health and protecting the environment
  • Assists in protecting the integrity of the rail infrastructure
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