Spray Guns

Spray Guns

For cleaning and rinsing operations, Spraying Systems Co. offers a complete line of spray guns designed to meet your needs with exceptional performance and efficiency.

Handheld Spray Guns Suitable for Hundreds of Applications

From low-pressure rinsing to high-pressure cleaning, GunJet® spray guns are ideal for demanding applications like adhesive spraying, car washes, plant clean-up, lubricating, paint spraying, spot application of chemicals and more. 

GunJet D41663
  • Specially designed handles improve control and reduce operator fatigue.

  • Smooth-pull triggers enable accurate and consistent flow control.

  • Textured grips minimize the chance of slippage and accidents.

  • Leak-free operation prevents waste and mess.

  • Dozens of compatible accessories are available, including spray tips, extensions, inlet / outlet adapters, swivel connectors and strainers.  

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