How to Dramatically Decrease Lubricant Use and Improve Quality and Worker Safety

Make it happen with AutoJet® Lubrication Systems with our exclusive Precision Spray Control. Precision Spray Control ensures the exact amount of lubricant required is placed where it’s needed…and nowhere else. Eliminate waste of costly lubricants, reduce scrap and minimize the worker safety issues and excessive downtime caused by oil mist. 


  • Save up to 70% on costly lubricants
    • Accurate application on target with minimal overspray and misting means reduced lubricant consumption
  • Reduce scrap caused by inconsistent lubricant coverage
    • Sheets and parts are uniformly and consistently coated even when operating conditions change. Precision Spray Control makes automatic adjustments to flow rate during line speed variations, starts/stops and more
  • Improve worker safety by providing a safer work environment – minimize lubricant mist and spills
    • Hydraulic PulsaJet® nozzles can produce very low flow rates and often replace traditional air atomizing nozzles. The safety hazards and mess associated with misting are reduced dramatically and costly compressed air use is eliminated