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Dozens of Durable Leak-Free Handheld GunJet Spray Guns, Clean Up Guns, Washdown Guns and Industrial Spray Guns Suitable for Hundreds of Applications

Choose from a Wide Range of Pressures, Spray Patterns, Ergonomic Designs, Trigger Styles and More

GunJet Spray Guns: Overview

You'll find a GunJet® spray gun ideally suited to your cleaning and rinsing operation in our extensive line. Choose from a wide range of clean-up and washdown guns for high-, medium- and low-pressure operation. Dozens of compatible spray tips, materials and accessories are also available. Plus, a full line of extensions, inlet/outlet adapters, swivel connectors and strainers ensure you'll be able to customize one of our spray guns to your exact requirements.


  • Specially-designed handles improve control and reduce operator fatigue
  • Smooth-pull triggers enable accurate and consistent flow control
  • Textured grips minimize the chance for slippage and accidents
  • Leak-free operation

Ideal for:

  • Adhesive spraying
  • Car wash
  • Food processing
  • General plant and equipment clean-up
  • Lubricating
  • Paint spraying
  • Spot application of chemicals

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