Case Study

Electrostatic Chain Oiler System Eliminates Contamination Concerns on Can Lines

AutoJet® Electrostatic Chain Oiler systems have eliminated the waste, misting and rework problems

A can manufacturer needed a better way to lubricate conveyor line chains. Eight conveyor chains required lubrication in two locations. The air atomizing nozzles being used to apply the lubricant were creating several problems. The nozzles were over-applying the oil, which was wasteful and messy. The nozzles, which utilized compressed air for atomization, were misting. The mist was drifting onto the cans. Once contaminated, the cans had to undergo costly rework.


Four AutoJet® Electrostatic Chain Oiler Systems now lubricate the manufacturer’s conveyor chains. Electrostatic spray technology relies on the attraction of the negatively charged oil and the grounded chains to achieve high transfer efficiency – over 90%. AutoJet electrostatic control panels provide precise control of the system’s low-flow injector pumps. Each pump delivers oil to four electrostatic nozzles. The pumps can be individually adjusted to deliver the precise volume of oil required to each of the 16 lubrication points.

The AutoJet® Electrostatic Chain Oiler Systems have eliminated the waste, misting and rework problems. The oil is now applied to each lubrication point and nowhere else, without misting. Oil consumption has been reduced by 10% and the manufacturer has saved more than US$100,000 annually by eliminating rework of contaminated cans. In addition, maintenance time has been reduced since excess oil no longer needs to be removed from surrounding equipment. The cost of the new systems was offset after just six months of operation.

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ES250 Electrostatic Spray Controller

AutoJet® Electrostatic Chain Oiler System

Ensures precise chain lubrication using less oil than other systems

Electrostatic Single Point Spray System

See the System in Action

Watch how the system improves chain lubrication while greatly reducing oil consumption and downtime

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