Spray Optimization Self-evaluation

It’s impossible to calculate the exact value of a spray optimization program without undergoing a thorough analysis of your spray operations. But in many cases, spray optimization provides significant gains in the form of lower operating costs, improved quality, reduced maintenance, enhanced safety and more. The payback on a spray optimization program is usually significant and swift.

Your spray operation would probably benefit from optimization if: 

  • It uses significant amounts of water, expensive chemicals and energy.
  • Products are rejected due to uneven cooling, coating or cleaning.
  • Manufacturing costs increase significantly as a result of quality issues.
  • Throughput or quality improves by maintaining spray performance when line speed or other process conditions change.
  • Workers must frequently monitor, adjust or change the system configuration between batches. 
  • Spray system maintenance causes unscheduled downtime. 
  • Maintenance is time-consuming due to overspray or misting. 
  • Health hazards such as inhaling chemicals or slippery floors are a concern. 
  • Chemical or wastewater disposal costs are high.
  • Fines are possible if environmental regulations are not met.  

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