AutoJet® Model 1750+ Spray Control Panel

AutoJet® Model 1750+ Spray Control Panel

Improving performance and efficiency in coating, lubricating and dispensing operations just got easier

Simple, Flexible, Precise Spray Control

The AutoJet 1750+ Spray Control Panel provides precise control of automatic spray nozzles to ensure accurate liquid placement, minimize waste and boost productivity. It's compact, easy to use, easy to maintain and easy on the budget. Our newest spray control system provides:

AutoJet 1750+ Spray Controller
  • Superior control of automatic nozzles compared to manual operation and solenoid valves.
  • Faster changeover between batches using optional pre-stored recipes.
  • Uniform spray coverage on the target with automated control of air and liquid.
  • Remote control feature for enhanced worker productivity. WiFi connectivity enables control from tablets, phones and computers. Workers can adjust system settings, troubleshoot problems and review system alerts even while deployed on other tasks.
  • Improved flexibility and reduced operating costs when used with PulsaJet® electrically-actuated spray nozzles. Precision Spray Control (PSC) reduces liquid consumption, minimizes clogging and increases the flow rate range for a single nozzle.

  • Operates a wide variety of electrically- and pneumatically actuated spray nozzles.

  • Quick set-up. The compact, self-contained system can be set up in minutes and the small footprint makes integration into existing operations easy.

  • A modular design that is available with a pump, without a pump, with a pressure pot or as a standalone spray controller.

  • Flexibility to match application needs. Every system provides on/off control of pneumatically- and electrically actuated spray nozzles. Then choose liquid pressure control, liquid and atomizing air control, or liquid, atomizing and fan air control.

System offerings vary by region. Contact your local sales office for options.

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