Nozzle Brands

SpiralJet® Spray Nozzles

SpiralJet full cone and hollow cone nozzles offer clog-free spraying in a wide range of applications.

Large Flow Passages Eliminate Clogging

SpiralJet hydraulic nozzles are ideal for washing, quenching, fire protection, rinsing and spraying liquids with particulates.

  • Full cone and hollow cone spray patterns are available.
  • Open passages are ideal for use with fluids containing particulates.
  • Nozzles ensure maximum liquid throughput for a given pipe size.
  • Spray angles range from 60° to 170° for full cone and 50° to 180° for hollow cone.
  • Connections range from ¼" to 2" (male NPT and BSPT).
  • Flow rates range from .7 to 3329 gpm (2.7 to 11,967 lpm) for full cone and .49 to 3320 gpm (2.0 to 11,967 lpm) for hollow cone.
  • Operating pressures reach up to 400 psi (25 bar).
  • Wide choice of materials
  • Certain nozzles available with UL® listing for fire protection applications. 
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