Power plants and OEMs around the world rely on us for NOx control as well as gas cooling and conditioning solutions. The experts at Spraying Systems Co. can work with you to model your spray operations and provide new insight into areas that could be improved. We can help you select the right nozzles, optimize injector placement within a vessel, or design and fabricate a custom system that complies with ASME codes and delivers the performance you need, complete with testing and documentation.

Common Applications

Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization

The requirements for nozzles used in FGD are extensive. Learn about our extensive line of full cone and hollow cone nozzles available in silicon carbide and high-performance alloys.

NOx Control

Precise injection of the catalyst requires expertise in drop size, distribution and velocity along with an extensive application knowledge. We have the industry's largest selection of nozzles plus process modeling capabilities, decades of experience in injector design and fabrication, and expertise producing turnkey systems designed just for NOx control.

Gas Cooling and Conditioning

Spray droplet size and nozzle capacity make all the difference in the success of a wide variety of gas cooling and conditioning operations. We can help you select the best spray technology for your specific needs.

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Power Generation Success Story


Spraying Systems Co. installed a custom solution using proprietary gas cooling calculations and drop size data to ensure regulatory compliance.


Spraying Systems Co. installed FloMax® nozzle lances to reduce the compressed air used.

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Hydraulic & Two-Fluid Nozzles

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FloMax® Air Atomizing Nozzles

Learn how the unique atomization process of FloMax nozzles provides unmatched efficiency in gas conditioning operations.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Our CFD modeling uses actual drop size and velocity data to ensure an optimized spray solution. Gas cooling / conditioning analyses help determine ideal lance and nozzle placement.

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