In harsh cement manufacturing environments, the right nozzles, spray lances and high-pressure spray guns can make all the difference on the bottom line. That’s why cement plants depend on spray technology and expertise from Spraying Systems Co. We’ve worked with cement plants of all sizes all over the world, helping them improve cement quality and productivity while reaching sustainability goals.

Common Applications

Gas Cooling

Proper temperature control throughout your cement manufacturing process ensures efficiency as well as quality. Use our spray technology to meet your specific temperature requirements in the gas conditioning tower, clinker cooler and more. 

Product Spotlight

FloMax® air atomizing nozzles produce small drops using less air than competitive nozzles, allowing for lower operating costs. 

Dust Suppression and Control

Our experts understand how to install the best solutions for dust suppression as well as dust control.

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Both WhirlJet® andFullJet® hydraulic nozzles can be used for effective, efficient dust control.

High-pressure Cleaning

Cement manufacturing leaves deposits in rotary kilns and clinker coolers that impact process efficiency. Our spray technology is specifically designed to keep every surface clean and safe.

Product Spotlight

GunJet® spray guns are specially designed for superior control and low operator fatigue.

NOx Control

Precise catalyst injection requires expertise in drop size, distribution and velocity. We have the industry's largest selection of nozzles plus process modeling capabilities, decades of injector design and fabrication experience, and turnkey systems designed for NOx control.

Other Applications

  • Clinker cooling
  • Lubrication
  • Roll mill
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For cement plants we offer a wide range of standard gas cooling lances available in 0°, 45° and 90° configurations with quick-release or bolt-on flanges and optional adapters, cooling jackets, purge tubes and protective tubes.

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FloMax® Nozzles

Our FloMax nozzles use a patented three-stage atomization process to produce very small drops. They are available in a wide range of capacities, spray angles and materials.

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Learn How Our Flowback Nozzles Work

See how our Flowback nozzles work.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Our CFD modeling uses actual drop size and velocity data to ensure an optimized spray solution. Gas cooling / conditioning analyses help determine ideal lance and nozzle placement.

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