Spraying Systems Co. Acquires Cloud Company

Wheaton, Ill – Spraying Systems Co. has acquired Cloud Company, a privately owned manufacturer of fluid-driven rotating spray washing devices for cleaning the interiors of tanks and other vessels.

Founded in 1951, Cloud Company designs and manufactures their products in San Luis Obispo, California, USA.

“The acquisition of Cloud Company strengthens our long-term relationship and further expands our branded product lines for tank cleaning operations in a large array of industries,” said Frank Bramsen, CEO, “Their uncompromising commitment to product quality, engineering excellence, and customer satisfaction is aligned with our corporate values and philosophy. I am pleased to welcome Cloud to Spraying Systems.”

About Spraying Systems Co.
Spraying Systems Co. manufactures an extensive line of industrial spray nozzles and related devices, such as static and motor-driven rotating tank cleaning equipment. Spraying Systems Co. has over 85 years of experience serving global manufacturers and service equipment industries with over 100 sales offices worldwide and 12 design and manufacturing locations. Spraying Systems Co. maintains its commitment to providing products that increase production, reduce costs, and optimize operations, while creating environmental-friendly, sustainable processes.

About Cloud Company
Cloud Company is a sole manufacturer of tank cleaning equipment, systems, and components. Cloud Company provides unmatched product quality and factory service with their diverse line of fluid-driven rotating tank cleaning equipment.

Contact Information
Spraying Systems Co.
North Avenue and Schmale Road
PO Box 7900
Wheaton, IL 60187-7901
Tel: 800-95-SPRAY

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