DescaleJet® Pro+ Nozzles

New, patent-pending design optimizes flow stability to generate greater impact than other descaling nozzles and ensure smooth, streak-free surfaces.

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More impact is just the beginning! In addition to better performance, DescaleJet Pro+ nozzles come with unmatched service:

DescaleJet Pro+ Nozzle

Local support: Our steel specialists are in your area and ready to help. They’re backed by our regional spray technology centers equipped with a variety of testing equipment.

Performance validation before you purchase: We’ll measure impact and coverage of the DescaleJet Pro+ and your current descale nozzles using your operating conditions in our spray labs. Understand the performance gains before you buy.  

Competitive pricing: Better performance and a lower cost? Yes!

Quick, local delivery: Robust manufacturing at our factory in the USA means delivery of DescaleJet Pro+ nozzles in days, not weeks or months. Protect against supply chain disruption by working with a local supplier.

Wear life testing: Testing in our lab will determine the optimal replacement interval for DescaleJet Pro+ nozzles to prevent quality problems due to slight changes in impact and coverage.

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DescaleJet Pro+ Nozzle

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