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FloMax® Two-fluid Atomizing Nozzles

Choose the nozzle that produces smaller drops and efficient atomizing with a range of gases: FloMax two-fluid atomizing nozzles from Spraying Systems Co. 

For Applications Demanding Precision and Efficiency

FloMax two-fluid atomizing nozzles outperform competing nozzles by producing a finely atomized, controlled spray with great efficiency. They are ideal for gas cooling and conditioning applications across industries. Our team of experts will work with you to determine which FloMax nozzle is right for you.

  • Extremely small drops result from our patented processes and nozzle designs.
  • Process efficiency minimizes compressed air and energy usage.
  • High turndown ratios allow for greater operating flexibility than standard air atomizing nozzles.
  • FloMax A Series nozzles use a patented three-stage atomization process to produce uniformly small drops with minimal energy consumption. They’re ideal for gas cooling and conditioning applications such as cooling prior to baghouse, ESP, heat exchanger, kilns, cooling towers, induct cooling, NOx control and SO2 removal.
  • FloMax Anti-Bearding Series nozzles provide all the benefits of FloMax A nozzles, along with a patented air cap design that resists build-up. They’re ideal for gas cooling and conditioning applications involving high concentrations of dust particulates, slurry spraying and spray dry absorber.

  • FloMax X Series nozzles feature a multi-stage cross-hole nozzle design, which yields small drops at lower operating pressures. They’re ideal for gas cooling and conditioning applications involving induct cooling and NOx control, as well as chemical injection.

  • FloMax H Series nozzles are designed for applications where light process gases such as hydrogen, helium or nitrogen can be used for atomization.

  • FloMax S Series nozzles are used for applications where steam is the most effective atomizing gas.

FloMax Two-fluid Atomizing Nozzles Success Story

Waste-to-Energy Plant Reduces Compressed Air and Maintenance, Saves US$100,000 per Year

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