AutoJet® Floor and Carpet Coating Spray Systems 

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your coating operations for flooring and carpeting with AutoJet spray systems from Spraying Systems Co.

Uniform Application of Chemistries

Foam rolling systems generally over- or under-apply fire retardants, stain-resistant chemicals and other chemistries on floors and carpets during manufacturing. Over-application is costly and wasteful. Under-application causes problems that only become apparent after installation. AutoJet Floor and Carpet Coating Spray Systems eliminate these problems with consistent, uniform coverage – even when line speed or carpet width changes. The systems allow for:

  • Increased production by automatically adjusting the application rate when carpet type changes.
  • Consistent quality and end-user satisfaction.
  • Minimal waste of costly chemicals.
  • Reduced shipping costs and pollution because dilution of concentrates occurs in small day tanks inside the control cabinet.
  • Improved operating versatility because chemicals can be changed quickly without flushing and refilling tanks.
  • Operation without the surfactants required for foam rolling systems.
  • Easy operation and minimal maintenance.

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