Reduce Chemical, Water & Energy Use and Boost Production

Whether you are cleaning, coating, lubricating or moisturizing there is a comprehensive line of spray products available to eliminate clogged shower nozzles, boost production and reduce energy & water use.

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Solutions ranging from shower nozzles, standard and built-to-order showers, paper trimming, chest cleaning and more.

automatic brush shower

Automatic Brush Showers eliminate clogged shower nozzles, ensure uninterrupted production and improve worker safety. Internal rotating brush assembly scrubs interior walls of the shower and nozzle orifice to prevent clogging. Debris is swept away through flush-out valve. No need to stop the system, brushes operate without disruption to normal processes.

autojet oscillator shower assembly

AutoJet® Oscillator Shower Assembly ensures optimal felt cleaning, conserves water and dramatically reduces energy use.

  • Achieves complete cleaning of felt surface with controlled, smooth movement of shower
  • Conserves water with precise stroke and speed control
  • Reduces energy use by deep cleaning and draining prior to drying

Can be used with showers from 1-1/2" to 4" pipe sizes up to 40' (12 m) in length.

Other Solutions Available:

  • Built-to-orders showers to meet your exact specifications and a wide range of standard wet-end and dry-end showers
  • Paper trimming nozzles for precise, sharp, crisp edge trimming
  • Automated chest & tank cleaning eliminates the need for workers to enter large chests and dramatically reduces water and chemical use
  • Air nozzles and air knife packages eliminate the need for costly compressed air

Tips on How to Conserve Water in Papermaking:

  • Replace worn nozzles – worn nozzles even by 10-15% can result in a lot of wasted water
  • Change nozzle material to extend wear life and minimize erosion of nozzle orifices
  • Decrease operating pressure – in some cases the same results can be achieved at reduced operating pressure
  • Utilize self-cleaning nozzles to protect against damaging debris build-up
  • Automate chest/tank cleaning with TankJet® tank cleaners and reduce water use up to 60%

Let us help you reduce chemical, water & energy use and boost production. We can help improve spray nozzle performance, lower operating costs and/or automate manual operations today!

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