Ideal for high-impact cleaning of tanks up to 40' (12m) in diameter.

TankJet® AA190 motorized units are versatile, high-impact tank cleaners providing efficient, consistent and reliable cleaning with virtually no maintenance. 


  • High-impact cleaning of medium to large tanks. Operates at pressures up to 1000 psi (69 barg)
  • Multi-axis rotation of solid stream nozzles provides 360° coverage. TankJet AA190DH provides 180° downward coverage for more concentrated cleaning on bottom of tanks
  • Powerful tank cleaning performance with high-impact solid stream spray nozzles
  • External air, electric or explosion proof electric motor drives rotational speed of nozzle hub assembly
  • Rotational speed and cycle times stay relatively constant even when liquid pressures increase
  • Can be permanently mounted or moved from tank to tank
  • AA190 tank cleaner can be fitted with retraction devices for automatic insertion and retraction
  • Air motor version is CE rated


  • Low liquid consumption reduces cleaning chemical costs
    • Operates at high pressures for higher impact
    • Motor drives nozzle hub instead of fluid
  • Proven performance – used in hundreds of applications in thousands of plants around the world for more than a decade
  • Easy maintenance – fewer internal parts than fluid-driven turbine units means fewer repairs and less clogging
  • Global field support – dedicated sales engineers in more than 80 countries.

Ideal For: Process tanks | Paint tanks | Chemical tanks | Food processing | Pharmaceutical processing | Tanker trucks

TankJet® AA190

See the power provided by one of our motor-driven tank cleaners. 

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