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Case Study

Tissue manufacturer prolongs embossing rollers lifetime thanks to AutoJet humidification system



Nov 21

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper and cardboard products contacted us because of a pressing quality issue. With some of the best-known tissue and paper towel brands in their portfolio, high product standards are essential for the manufacturers’ success. Clearly fixing quality issues is top priority...

Recently the manufacturing department started receiving customer complaints about multilayer tissues that were becoming undone under dry and hot conditions. To solve the customers’ complaints they applied more pressure to the embossing rollers. This solved the issue but also seriously reduced the lifetime of the expensive rollers. 

Energy consumption started to increase and roller replacement costs were rising quickly as well. Clearly they needed to find a more efficient solution.

AutoJet® Moisturizing system

To be able to reduce the embossing rollers quality issues under dry and hot conditions the tissue manufacturer started looking into alternative solutions. With years of experience in paper industry spray applications Spraying Systems Co. was consulted to help design a moisturizing system to create the right humidity for tissue layers to stick together under normal roller pressure.

Our Precision Spray Control (PSC) technology is capable of producing an accurate, consistent application of any liquid. Our PulsaJet® nozzles can be opened and closed up to 25,000 times per minute. This flexibility allows us to spray accurately and with minimal waste. Together with one of our AutoJet® spray controllers this would allow the manufacturer to take back control over the application.
To create the necessary humidity we suggested the following system:

With high quality expectations the tissue manufacturer wanted to test the system before committing on it. After renting the solution for 2 months and reapplying for their main customers’ quality validation process they finally decided to install the system permanently.


The tissue manufacturer was relieved to find that the AutoJet® moisturizing system solved the quality issues. By applying the right amount of water - depending on the environmental conditions - they are able to reduce the pressure on their embossing rollers.

Thanks to the moisturizing system the rollers lifetime has been increased with 6 months. A huge difference in terms of replacement costs. Additionally, the reduced pressure also has a significant impact on the energy consumption of the rollers.