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Sustainability Tip: Check on nozzle wear

Weekly sustainability tip


Oct 19

Proper maintenance is essential to your spray performance. Unfortunately, spray nozzle wear can be hard to spot. (visual checks won‘t detect wear). However, even small changes in performance can result in bad product quality and wasted water, chemicals and electricity. Replacing nozzles that are spraying just 15% over capacity can save millions of liters throughout your production process. So, identifying them is key.

How to spot nozzle wear

To identify worn nozzles you can look for the following clues:

  • Quality control issues and increased scrap
  • Increased maintenance time
  • Flow rate change
  • Deterioration of spray pattern quality
  • Spray drop size increase
  • Lowered spray impact

However, for optimal results it‘s advisable to set up a consistent evaluation plan where you periodically measure key spray factors. These include flow rate, spray pressure (in nozzle manifold), drop size, spray pattern and nozzle alignment. Our specialists can help you set up a nozzle inspection program and help you determine the best nozzle maintenance and replacement strategy for your application This will maintain optimal spray performance, control your operating costs and limit your ecological footprint.

To help you to get the most sustainable results from your spray nozzles we have published a free guide on nozzle wear. In the guide you will learn the basic principles for maintaining your nozzles to ensure you get the performance you need. Alternatively, you could also get a quick indication of your nozzle wear by using the nozzle wear calculator.