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Spray Products For Sanitizing And Disinfection

Range of disinfection products


May 20

Our spray products are used widely in disinfection and sanitizing applications. Our hydraulic atomizing nozzles produce fine droplets at medium pressures (3 to 7 bar) whether using pumps or pressurized vessels. Click here to find a selection of high quality, cost effective spray nozzles:

Small Area Disinfection/Sanitizing:

Use our D41663 Hygienic Hand Spray Guns, which use our standard hydraulic or air atomizing nozzles for disinfecting production equipment or personal areas in factory, lab or office environment.
Our 20470 air atomizing spray gun with multiple extension lengths and spray head angles is also suited for this application where objects are difficult to reach.
The FogJet® SprayCart for small area disinfection and sanitization combines portability, precision and convenience for optimal results. The compact, lightweight unit is easy to move through any facility and fits in tight spaces. The system is capable of spraying directly on any surface or automated 360° fogging for room disinfection.
Typical Applications:
– Parts
– Surfaces like tables, chairs, etc.
– Equipment
– Containers
– Shipping crates

Medium Area Disinfection/Sanitizing:

Fine spray tip model D41540-TN can be mounted on a hinged clamp D40246 for 1/2″, 3/4″ or 1″ tubes, including our check valve to stop dripping after spray stops. Ideal for building your own spray bars and spray gates.
The HP FogJet is a revolutionary spray nozzle design to hydraulically produce the smallest possible droplets using the lowest input pressure. Seeing is believing with this brand new product!
General air atomizing spray nozzles are well suited to spray most liquid using compressed air and producing a fine mist. Easily automated using our E1850+ spray controller.
The MiniFogger shown below is an easy to install spray device with minimal energy consumption and producing a dry fog with excellent coverage from a single spray point.
Our state-of-the-art MiniFogger is perfectly suited for room fogging/disinfection. Only 3 bar compressed air produces ultra fine drops (down to 11 microns Sauter Mean) and can cover an area of 16 m2.
Combined with our  or our E1850+ spray controller we provide a turn-key solution for easy installation and safe disinfection of rooms. Also check our Youtube channel for more related videos.
Typical Applications:
– Changing rooms

– Waiting rooms
– Storage areas
– Medical procedures
– Toilets
– Public transport: buses, trains, etc.

Wide Area Disinfection/Sanitizing:

The LP FogJet is a specially designed misting nozzle to be used with a conventional blower. The high flow rate of air from a blower is used to atomize the liquid to relatively small droplets. This LP FogJet produces a misting fog for outdoor use which can reach 11 meters. It is well suited for dust control as well as big area disinfection. See this case study
Complete assemblies are available using one of our blower systems in combination with the LP FogJet.
Spray Canons are equipped with fine mist nozzles that distribute a mist using a central blower.