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Case Study

Spray cooling system saves steel bar manufacturer more than €750,000

Steel bars


Aug 19

A manufacturer of engineered steel products uses a surface-riding probe to measure defects on steel bars. High production speeds and the high rotational speed used for the surface testing generate a great deal of friction, which was causing the probes to overheat. When this problem occurred, the dwell time between steel bars had to be increased, resulting in reduced production. A simple spray cooling system using a water reservoir and siphon-fed air atomizing nozzles was being used to keep the probes cool. Unfortunately the system was ineffective because the nozzles plugged frequently. The system also lacked the ability to adjust for seasonal temperature changes, creating even greater problems during the summer when outdoor temperatures were higher.

AutoJet Spray cooling system

Our solution uses an AutoJet® E1850+ Spray System and air atomizing nozzle. A proximity sensor triggers the spray nozzle at the start and end of each bar. The 1/4JAUPMCO air atomizing nozzle provides a fine mist which cools the bars with almost 100% evaporation of the water. The nozzle is equipped with a clean-out needle to prevent clogging of the orifice. The system also allows easy flow rate adjustment to account for ambient temperature changes throughout the year.


The AutoJet spray cooling system has enabled the mill to maintain the temperature of the probes well below the maximum allowable temperature even when the ambient temperature is high. Production has increased by more than 15% during the summer months. The annual value of the additional output on two production lines is estimated at more than € 750,000. This results in a paybackperiod of less than one week (!) on the new spray equipment.