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Case Study

Release agent application system saves building products manufacturer more than € 35,000 per year

Roof coating


Oct 19

During the roof shake manufacturing process a manufacturer was using air atomizing nozzles to apply a release agent to molds. Unfortunately this was creating problems; for example uneven application of the release agent to the molds. To compensate, the manufacturer increased the volume of release agent applied to ensure complete coverage. The nozzles sprayed continuously during the manufacturing process. This coated the areas between the molds with release agent as well as the molds themselves. Compressed air use was high and resulted in misting and worker safety issues. The manufacturer contacted us to help improve the efficiency of their process, improve the work environment and reduce operating costs.

More efficient release agent application system

An AutoJet® automated spray system now applies the release agent. The system, controlled by an AutoJet E1850+ Spray System, uses electrically-actuated hydraulic PulsaJet® nozzles to precisely apply the proper volume of release agent on each mold. Precision Spray Control (PSC) adjusts the flow rate based on operating conditions such as changing line speed. The system also uses sensors to detect the presence of the molds, ensuring the system only sprays when molds are present.

Results of the new spraying system

The AutoJet automated spray system ensures precision application of the release agent on the molds. Over- and under-application problems have been eliminated and the release agent consumption has decreased by 25%. Costly compressed air and associated misting have also been eliminated resulting in lower operating costs, improved worker safety and a 40% reduction in maintenance time. The system exceeded the manufacturer’s expectation with monthly savings of € 3,000 and a three-month return on investment.