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Case Study

OSB manufacturer saves € 25,000 per year by recycling 2 million liters with wastewater spraying system

OSB plate


Aug 19

An oriented strand board (OSB) manufacturer needed a better way to spray particulate-laden wastewater generated by its environmental control systems. The wastewater is collected in tanks first. Then it is sprayed onto wood strands before they are dumped into large wet bins for sifting and separation. Reusing the 1900 m³ of wastewater created on site yearly means it doesn’t have to be disposed as hazardous waste. The nozzles previously used to spray the wastewater slurry were continually clogging due to the nature of the liquid. To fix the issue the OSB manufacturer started to look for a new wastewater spraying system.

AutoJet wastewater spraying system

Two AutoJet® E1850+ Spray Systems with integrated air operated diaphragm pumps from Spraying Systems Co. solved the problem. The wastewater spraying systems each control two 1/4VMAU variable spray air atomizing nozzles that allow the water to be continuously recirculated. The solid particles are suspended in the water so they do not accumulate in the line. To prevent clogging, the systems automatically cycle each nozzle on and off every fifteen minutes, which activates the nozzle’s clean-out needle to clear the spray orifice.


The AutoJet wastewater spraying system has eliminated clogging, enabling the manufacturer to reuse the wastewater in the production process. By diverting it from the waste stream, the manufacturer is saving € 25,000 per year in wastewater disposal costs, providing a payback period of approximately 17 months.

Reusing the wastewater also enhances the facility’s sustainability efforts by keeping sludge that would result from the treatment process out of a landfill.