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FogJet® SprayCart for small area disinfection and sanitization

FogJet SprayCart


Jul 20

The FogJet® SprayCart for small area disinfection and sanitization combines portability, precision and convenience for optimal results. The compact, lightweight unit is easy to move through any facility and fits in tight spaces. The system is capable of spraying directly on any surface or automated 360° fogging for room disinfection.

The automated 360° fogging consists out of very small droplets for an optimal disinfecting result. As and added advantage small droplets don’t have the same wetting effect as large droplets would have. This means that the FogJet® SprayCart will not damage any electrical equipment that is present in the room whilst it’s being disinfected.

Convenience features include:

  • 30 l tank that can be refilled while you spray
  • 2 rechargeable batteries that offer a spraytime of up to 4 hours on a single charge
  • Compatible with most sanitization and disinfection agents*

*The FogJet® SprayCart is compatible with most sanitization and disinfection agents. Please check with your chemical provider for the safety and effectiveness profile prior to spraying any chemical.

Surface spray with interchangeable gun

  • Easy and comfortable manual spraying: Productivity-boosting features include palm-fitting gun handle to reduce worker fatigue and a telescoping handle for easy mobility and a 6 m range
  • Built to last: Spray gun made out of durable, chemically-resistant materials and features a stainless steel spray tip; tank reservoir is abrasion-, corrosion and impact-resistant
  • Low and high flowrate setting

Room fogging with MiniFogger® III

  • Automated fogging with optional timer
  • Telescopic branch can be extended up to 3,5 m
  • MiniFogger® III unit with 4 nozzles for 360° dispersion and a drop size smaller than 10 microns to ensure all surrounding surfaces remain dry
  • Air pressure regulator
  • Multiple flowrate settings
  • 6 bar liquid pressure

*Fogging requires external air pressure source