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Case Study

Automated cutting lubrication system saves foam parts producer more than € 30,000 per year

Foam parts


Oct 19

A parts supplier is die cutting foam to create parts for the automotive industry. To prevent the blades from getting stuck they are spraying a soap-based cutting lubrication fluid on the material.

In the past they were using a solenoid valve to control the process by switching the nozzle on and off. Some very thick foam products also received a manual application of the cutting lubrication fluid in addition to the spray coating. Unfortunately the die-cut lubricant was being applied inconsistently; sticking problems were common, foam waste was high and production time suffered.

A better way to apply die cutting lubricant

Five AutoJet® automated systems now apply the cutting lubrication fluid to the foam pieces. Each system is equipped with an AA250AUH electrically-actuated hydraulic spray nozzle that is controlled by an AutoJet E1850+ Spray Control PanelPrecision Spray Control (PSC) ensures the proper volume of lubricant is applied to the foam even when operating conditions, such as line speed, change. The AutoJet E1850+ Spray Control Panel provides on/off control of the nozzle and enables easy adjustment of flow rate to accommodate different foam shapes and thickness.

Result of the new die cutting lubrication process

The AutoJet automated spray system has made dramatic improvements in the lubrication process. The lubricant is now applied consistently and uniformly directly on the foam. Manual application of lubricant has been eliminated and lubricant use has decreased by 50%. In addition, foam scrap rate has decreased by 70% and the maintenance time required to clean up excess lubricant has been eliminated, reducing labor costs and enabling an increase in weekly production. The automated spray lubrication system cost was recouped in less than six months and a savings of € 30,000 annually has been achieved.