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Case Study

AutoJet® Alcohol spraying system increases product shelf life for cake producer

AutoJet Alcohol spraying system increases product shelf life


Nov 22

An industrial private label cake producer is making large quantities of sponge cake for a variety of retailers. Market research showed that the shelf life is one of the determining factors for consumers in this product segment. So, to stay ahead of competitor products, the retailers requested that the cake producer would find a way to prolong the use-by date. With a lot of big contracts on the line the producer set out to find a solution.

Alcohol spray is often used in similar situations but the large production scale created some challenges to apply the alcohol in the correct amount. Usually it’s enough to just spray every small cake by itself. However, in this case the cake is continuously coming through as a 1,2 m wide mat at a variable speed. In order to apply the correct amount of alcohol the spray would need to be adjusted to the speed of the incoming cake automatically.

AutoJet® Alcohol Spraying System

With over 80 years of experience in spray technology and a dedicated food division we were confident that we would meet the cake producers’ expectations.

To prolong the shelf life we proposed a system that would be able to adjust the amount of alcohol spray to the speed of the cake mat. Our AutoJet® spray controllers allow us to automatically adjust the flow rate based on the speed by using our Precision Spray Control technology.

After some demonstrations and live testing on the production line the customer decided to order an AutoJet® Alcohol spraying system containing:


The cake producer was happy to note that their new AutoJet® system was capable of accurately spraying the correct amount of alcohol on the sponge cake. As requested by their customers the cake can now be kept for longer periods without quality loss.