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Case Study

Metal processing company installs AutoJet lubrication system to reduce oil and compressed air use costs

Metal press lubrication system


Sep 21

A leading company that specializes in the design, stamping and welding of metal parts contacted us to discuss a replacement for their lubrication solution. They were using an in-house designed solution to apply high viscosity oils to lubricate the metal sheets before stamping. The system was installed on 8 different lines and consisted of a custom-built manifold and pressure system with air mix nozzles. This setup caused several issues:

  • • Oil misting
  • • The lack of a level sensor meant the solution sometimes ran without oil. This created severe lubrication problems that required production stops.
  • • Pressure pots were difficult to clean and residue clogged up the air mix nozzles.
  • • No control over the applied quantity caused overapplication of oil on metal sheets.
  • • No zoning control
  • • No oil recuperation

Due to rising sustainability concerns the metal stamping company decided to look for a new lubrication solution. 

The new systems would need to be more efficient by using less compressed air. It should also enable them to provide a safer and cleaner work environment and better end product quality without risking production stops.

AutoJet® L210 Lubrication System

Our local Spraying Systems Co. spray specialist was consulted to figure out a solution to the lubrication problem. With a variety of lubrication specific AutoJet® systems and years of expertise the metal processing company understood we would be able to meet their needs. After inviting them to our regional spray technology center to demonstrate our solutions they were convinced of our expertise.

Together we decided to move away from the high viscosity compressed oil that they were using. They never used low viscous oil because the in-house setup couldn’t handle it without creating misting issues. 

We have now installed 8 new AutoJet® L210 system at their facility. Each system contains 3 separate tanks and allows lubrication of different zones. The spray is controlled by their own plc rather than our AutoJet® controller.


The installed AutoJet® L210 systems are performing according to the requirements that were set forth by the metal processor.

Lubrication issues that were causing production stops are now a thing of the past and end product quality has increased significantly. On top of that they are seeing big reductions in oil use (70%) and compressed air use (95%).

As a consequence of these great results our customer has decided to order more identical systems to replace their remaining inhouse solutions.