SB Series SprayDry® Nozzles

SB Series SprayDry nozzles from Spraying Systems Co. feature a slotted core design and produce a hollow cone spray pattern with a uniform drop size distribution and choice of drop sizes.

Versatile, Clog-resistant and Easy to Maintain 

SB Series SprayDry nozzles are ideal for medium-flow applications using co-current and counter-current dryers and for spray drying viscous flavorings / ingredients, milk and other dairy products. Look to our experts to help you optimize your spray drying operations with these nozzles, featuring:

  • Energy efficiency. Nozzles operate at a lower pressure for reduced energy consumption.
  • Narrow drop size distribution. Drop size can be fine-tuned by adjusting the nozzle’s flow and pressure.
  • Maximum Free Passage (MFP) to minimize clogging and increase production time.
  • Anti-bearding design to reduce build-up on the nozzle face and eliminate contamination and hot spot concerns.
  • Durable construction. Bodies and caps are stainless steel. Orifices and cores are either M-carbide (for greater wear resistance) or Y-carbide (for abrasive and high-pressure applications).
  • Flexible installation. Threaded and welded connections are available. Nozzles can be customized to fit any lance.
  • Hand-tight version for simplified maintenance — no tools required.
  • Food-compliant versions to meet FDA and EU regulations.

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