Even a slight adjustment to your spray technology can make a significant improvement in your operations. Spraying Systems Co. can help you select or customize a solution that will help you meet your goals — whether you need to optimize cooling performance, improve dust control and ESP performance, reduce energy usage or minimize toxic emissions. Our experts have deep experience with BOF and EAF processes, baghouse cleaning, cokeries and more. 

Common Applications

Dust Control

Our spray technology apply water and / or chemicals to dust particles for both dust prevention and dust suppression.

Product Spotlight

Both WhirlJet® and FullJet® hydraulic nozzles can be used for effective, efficient dust control.

Gas Cooling

We have the resources required to simulate your operating conditions and determine which spray technology will optimize your cooling performance.

Product Spotlight

AutoJet® gas cooling system with FloMax® nozzle lances creates a consistent cooling effect, eliminating unscheduled production delays. 

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Iron & Steelmaking Success Stories


Spraying Systems Co. installed a new gas cooling system to maintain a consistent temperature in the ductwork and baghouse.


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Lances and Injectors

We offer many configurations with quick-release or bolt-on flanges and optional adapters, cooling jackets, purge tubes and protective tubes, as well as custom solutions.

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Get our guide to spray technology for steel mills.

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Emergency Cooling Duct

CFD modeling can determine optimal drop size and nozzle placement for effective gas cooling in your furnace, cooling tower or ductwork.

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