Cost of Poor Spray Performance

When spray nozzles wear over time, the orifices wear, too — increasing the flow rate in your spray operations. This overcapacity impacts pump performance, causes quality problems and wastes costly water, chemicals and energy. All of this can cost you more than you think — limiting your profitability.

The Staggering Cost of Water Wasted by Worn Nozzles

The costs of wasted water quickly add up when using nozzles with worn orifices. This chart shows the annual cost of nozzles operating at 15% over capacity 24 hours per day for a five-day work week. The numbers do not include the cost of wastewater disposal or the aggravation of water shortage problems.

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The Costs Increase Dramatically When Using Chemicals
Worn nozzles cost you even more when your spray operations use both water and chemicals. Consider this example: With a system flow of 100 gpm (379 lpm), using nozzles that spray 15% over the rated capacity costs US$182,800 per year — plus the increased costs of electricity and scrap / downtime related to quality issues. That’s assuming a water cost of US$2.75/1000 gallons and a chemical cost of US$1.00/gallon and a dilution ratio of 10:1 with 2,080 hours of operation annually. This example doesn’t even factor in the increased electricity cost, scrap and downtime due to quality problems.

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