AutoJet® Model 2150+ Spray Control Panel

AutoJet® Model 2150+ Spray Control Panel

The AutoJet Model 2150+ Spray Control Panel features plug and spray functionality to improve the spray performance of PulsaJet® nozzles and other automatic spray nozzles.

Advanced-level Control of PulsaJet Automatic Nozzles

The AutoJet Model 2150+ Spray Control Panel works with up to 16 PulsaJet nozzles, monitoring pre-set variables to ensure accurate spray placement on the target. It’s ideal for coating, conveyor spraying, lubricating and marking. Connections are conveniently located on the bottom of the panel and are easily accessible.  Panels can be mounted on a wall, on an optional frame or on a mobile cart.

AutoJet 2150+ Spray Control Panel with Base

Key features of the AutoJet Model 2150+:

  • 7" color HMI touch screen
  • Single and dual channel versions available
  • Timing control of up to 16 air- or electrically-actuated hydraulic or air atomizing nozzles per channel
  • Fixed or variable spray time and fixed or variable spray distance; repeat function for all modes
  • Liquid pressure control for spray nozzles
  • Precision Spray Control for uniform coverage and accurate flow rate adjustments based on line speed
  • HMI Wi-Fi access to adjust settings, view alarms, schedule/review maintenance

  • Line speed: 5 to 400 ft./min. (1.5 to 121.9 m/min.)

  • Optional zone control to turn groups of PulsaJet nozzles on or off with either a digital signal or manual switch.

  • Other Options: Storage of up to 20 recipes, real-time monitoring of flow rate and pressure, line speed encoding

System offerings vary by region. Contact your local sales office for options.

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