AutoJet® Gas Cooling and Conditioning Systems

Reduce gas volume, improve operating efficiency and minimize maintenance with AutoJet Gas Cooling Systems from Spraying Systems Co.

Precise Control of Gas Temperature and Volume

AutoJet Gas Cooling Systems provide closed-loop control of all nozzles, pumps, sensors and other system components, simplifying the gas cooling process for effective emission control. These systems are ideal for cement plants, paper mills, power plant, steel mills, waste incineration plants and more. They allow for:

  • Automated spray control monitoring and adjustment of air and liquid flow based on temperature sensors for precise cooling, even with variable operating conditions.
  • Peak operating efficiency of ESP and other downstream equipment.
  • Minimal need for operator involvement.
  • Minimal or no sludge build-up caused by wetting.
  • Extended wear life of critical equipment such as fans and duct work, due to reduced gas velocity.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of hydraulic and gas atomizing nozzles.

AutoJet® Gas Cooling and Conditioning Systems Success Stories

Steel Mill Eliminates Unscheduled Production Delays With New Gas Cooling System

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