AutoJet® Food Safety Systems for Meat & Poultry

Ensure meat and poultry safety with the precise delivery of antimicrobials and sanitizers using AutoJet Food Safety Systems from Spraying Systems Co.

Precise, Uniform Spray Application

AutoJet Systems serve as a sophisticated yet economical food safety solution for meat and poultry processing. They ensure precise application of antimicrobials onto products or into packages, and uniform application of cleaning agents and sanitizers onto conveyors. AutoJet Systems are ideal for bagged whole muscle products, hot dogs, links, formed products, fresh meats, prepackaged poultry, and sliced meat and poultry products, as well as the conveyors that carry them. AutoJet Systems allow for:

food safety systems and nozzles
  • Safer food at a lower cost through reduced use of expensive additives.
  • Enhanced food safety and extended shelf life through additional intervention steps.
  • Increased operating versatility through adjustment of additive volumes.
  • Efficient use of high-quality, natural antimicrobials by tightly controlling application rates.
  • Easy integration into existing product lines. 

AutoJet® Food Safety Systems for Meat & Poultry Success Stories

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