AutoJet® Food Safety Systems for Baked Goods & Cheese

Ensure food safety and extend shelf life with the efficient application of mold inhibitors using AutoJet Food Safety Systems.

Efficient Application of Mold Inhibitors

AutoJet Systems help extend shelf life for baked goods and cheese while reducing production costs. The consistent application of mold inhibitors at the proper volume ensures complete coverage and minimizes waste. AutoJet Systems are ideal for all types of baked goods and both shredded and block cheese. They allow for:

  • Accurate, intermittent spraying of mold inhibitors.
  • Precision Spray Control to ensure consistent volume, even when line speed varies.
  • Accurate delivery without misting or plugging, when used with hydraulic PulsaJet® automatic spray nozzles.
  • Easy cleaning with washdown-capable control panel.
  • Auto-refill (optional) for continuous run without interruption.
  • Agitation to keep suspensions thoroughly mixed.
  • Quick product changeover with simple adjustments.
  • Unattended operation — alarms notify workers if intervention is required. 

AutoJet® Food Safety Systems for Baked Goods & Cheese Success Stories

Commercial Bakery Extends Shelf Life by Seven Days; Saves Over US$19,000

Cheese Packer Saves Over US$130,000 per Year

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