Spray nozzles may seem like small components, but they can have a dramatic impact on profitability in car wash and pressure washing operations. Using improper or worn nozzles can drive up operating costs and shorten pump life. That’s why many facilities depend on solutions from Spraying Systems Co. We have a proven track record of maximizing efficiency, minimizing waste and extending nozzle life for in-bay automatic, self-serve and conveyor car washes.  We also have decades of experience with pressure-washing applications for equipment, construction sites and residential settings.

Solutions for Every Step in the Process

Our car-wash experts know the right nozzle to deliver the impact, flow rate, spray angle and drop size needed for every wash stage in your process.

Common Applications

Pressure Washing

Our high-impact nozzles remove dirt and detergent without damaging the target.

Product Spotlight

WashJet® hydraulic nozzles produce a high-impact, even-edge, flat spray pattern ideal for pressure washing. 

Pre-soak & Chemical Arches 

Our low-impact PVDF nozzles provide excellent chemical resistance and are color-coded for ease of spray angle identification.

Undercarriage Washing & Rinsing

Narrow-angle nozzles with ceramic orifice inserts provide high impact and longer wear life.

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Tips for Saving Water, Chemicals and Money

Discover three simple changes to consider to ensure you are delivering the best quality wash using the least amount of water and chemicals. 

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