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Increase production and reduce water consumption with Spray Technology for wet screening.

Using the right spray products and ensuring spray nozzles are working properly are two critical points for effective ore cleaning during wet screening operations. Issues that affect the efficacy & efficiency of wet screening operations include: 

  • Lack of Filtration
    Internal deteriorated and corroded pipes are a major cause of spray nozzle orifice blockages. Even large manifolds that are 4"-6" in diameter require inline filtration to be fitted as close as possible due to sludge accumulation. It is advisable to fit a Self-Purging Strainer (manual or automatic) which can be controlled using an AutoJet® Spray Controller at user defined intervals.
  • Correct Spray Nozzle Selection
    To maximize spray efficiency, FlatJet® spray nozzles are the ideal choice as they have a deflected spray pattern which produces a higher impact compared to a traditional flat spray pattern.
  • Spray Nozzle Spacing
    Incorrect spacing of spray nozzles can lead to a decreased efficiency in washing due to gaps between spray patterns. In addition, the spray impact over the width of the screen deck is reduced.
  • Worn Spray Nozzles
    Worn spray nozzles can affect performance and lead to a decrease in production and an increase in water consumption. If production is operating 24/7, it is ideal to replace nozzles every 3 months to maximize long term efficiency.

A popular product for wet screening applications is the Automatic Brush Shower fitted with FlatJet spray nozzles for an effective and thorough clean. The spray bar features automatic cleaning of the spray nozzles during normal production times without the need for operator intervention. The Automatic Brush Shower ensures the spray nozzles are kept clean thus reducing the possibility of clogging. In addition, spray coverage is improved, water consumption is reduced and nozzle wear life is extended.

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