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Stockpiles are an ever present in the mining sector and the need to suppress excess dust due to falls, wind, reclaim and impact is constant. Stabilizing the surface of a stockpile is critical when perfecting dust suppression. This is achieved by watering regularly, correct water spray usage and ideal placement. Effectively controlling dust of stockpiles has numerous benefits for emissions, improved worker health and conditions & compliance with emissions standards. 

In order to maintain the most consistent results when wetting stockpiles, AutoJet have developed the Spraying Control System that monitors the current weather conditions and controls the water usage accordingly.

If it is raining, the AutoJet automated system allows nature to suppress the dust. If the weather is dry, the system reads the moisture content of the stockpile and delivers the correct amount of water to suppress dust. 

Water cannons, nozzles and other electrical and pneumatic devices can be incorporated into an effective system that saves water labor and operates at the highest efficiency. Being an automated system, monitoring operating conditions and adjustments are made without operator intervention.


  • Control amount of water delivered based upon weather, system input or revert to manual control
  • State of the art automation and can build in custom adjustments depending on need of site
  • Easy integration into other dust control systems
  • Reduce water usage and manual labor
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