FogJet® Disinfection Series

FogJet Disinfection Systems from Spraying Systems Co. are capable of disinfecting areas ranging in size from small break rooms up to large office spaces or manufacturing areas. Systems are available for manual application of disinfectant by workers and for automated operation. All systems are designed for ease of use and are built to last.

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FDS-BP4 Sprayer

FDS-BP4 Sprayer

Convenient, quick, cost-effective disinfection for medium spaces

FDS-PT5 Mist Sprayer

FDS-PT Mist Sprayer

Simple, durable disinfection for small spaces

FDS-PTA-5 Fine Mist Sprayer

FDS-PTA Fine Mist Sprayer

Uniform coverage of surfaces or large areas

FDS-MM5 Mist Sprayer

FDS-MM5 Mist Sprayer

Mobile, easy to use system for small areas

FDS-MFA7 Fogging System

FDS-MFA7 Mobile Fogging System

Quick & easy room surface disinfection

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