Air Mist Cooling

When your cooling process requires small drops, air mist cooling solutions from Spraying Systems Co. deliver with efficiency.  

CasterJet Nozzles

Continuous Casting Cooling with Air Mist

Our air mist continuous casting cooling solutions are specifically designed for highly efficient secondary cooling in the caster.

  • High heat transfer rates are achieved using patented atomization technology.
  • A wide variety of nozzle configurations and spray patterns are available.
  • Easy tip and tube replacement minimizes downtime when breakouts occur.
NCJ CasterJet

NCJ CasterJet® Nozzles

NCJ CasterJet nozzles allow for better heat transfer in slab caster cooling.

  • Unique atomization process increases mixing efficiency and requires less compressed air and water.
  • Usage may reduce the size or number of compressors required on caster lines.
  • The 25:1 turndown ratio enables lower flows to be used without a loss in performance.
  • Wide operating range and consistent drop size across the spray pattern allow for more variation in line speed and grades of steel.
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