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Case Study

Textile manufacturer UTT saves costs with new sustainable AutoJet® coating system


Sep 22

UTT (Union Textile de Tourcoing) is a textile producer that’s focused on the recycling and sustainable production of fashion and technical textiles. They are always looking to improve their business processes and research new ecological production opportunities.

Recently they contacted us to see if we could help them to replace a coating agent application with a more efficient solution. In order to apply the coating they were immersing threads into a tank that contains the coating agent. This approach was very costly, wasteful and lead to an unreliable end result. It also created a mess in the surrounding area and lead to dangerous work conditions.

To keep in line with their sustainability goals UTT wanted to replace the coating agent system with a solution that would reduce consumption and improve the quality of the coating on the threads.

AutoJet® Automated Coating System

With over 80 years of spray expertise we are the ideal partner to replace coating solutions like this one. Our large range of products allows us to select the perfect controller, nozzle and spray tip for the job at hand.

In order to determine the ideal solution we spent a lot of time testing to see what would be the best system for this specific application. In the end we decided to install an AutoJet® system with:


UTT immediately saw the benefits of replacing the old immersing system with a spray coating solution. During the testing process it already became clear that the AutoJet® system needed 40% less of the coating agent to deliver superior quality. Additionally, there were no more pollution issues that were typical for the old solution. As a result the workplace is a lot safer than before.

Together all these improvement have greatly increased the efficiency of the coating process and help to decrease our customers’ environmental footprint.