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How to detect nozzle wear


May 22

Detecting nozzle wear is tougher than it sounds.

While a nozzle and it’s spray pattern may look fine to the human eye, this may not give you a true picture when it comes to actual spray nozzle wear. By the time you can visually detect a problem with the spray pattern the nozzle is already spraying 50% over capacity.

The effect of worn nozzles on your product quality depends on your production process. However, every worn nozzle will have a direct impact on your production costs: As your water, chemical and energy usage increases, your profits will decrease.

The easiest way to check if your nozzles are worn is to check and compare flow rates between a new and an existing nozzle. To do this you need a timer, a container and a measuring cup:

  • Spray a new nozzle in a container for a measured amount of time.
  • Measure the amount of water with your measuring cup
  • Use the following formula:
    Water/Collection time = Flow rate (the volume of water per minute)
  • Compare the result to an existing (possibly worn) nozzle

Alternatively you can also check the rated flow of the nozzle in the product catalog.
If the flow rate of the existing nozzle is greater than the new nozzle you should consider changing your nozzles. If you require help in determining if your spray nozzles are worn don’t hesitate to contact your local spray expert.